London Climate Rally

Over 20,000 people protested against climate change in central London Friday December 5.   

©Photo by Junjie Dou


Hundreds of cyclists cycled 6 miles long starting from Lincoln’s Inn Field earlier at 10 am whist speeches were made at the Hyde Park speech Conner.  

 The rally started at 1 p.m. from Hyde Park to Parliament building. They formed the blue “wave” to ask for “Climate Justice”. It was seen as a chance for demonstrators to demand government for emergency action on climate.  





Their demands were: 

  • To cut 10% of the gas emission by end 2010
  • To set up a million green jobs by end 2010
  • To ban domestic flights
  • To limit car speed below 55 mph
  • To end agrofuel use

Voice Out Loud  

Speech makers included many MPs, Bolivian ambassador, Green Party, Public and Commericial Services, etc.

“Public pressure is the only one way to save the planet,” labor party MP Michael Meacher also delivered the speech, appealed to the crowd: “Only take part if we take the lead and make great cuts in order to show that we are deadly serious.”

“Climate change is something that’s already affecting hundreds and thousands of life”, said Tess Riley representative of Climate Camp: “Many of us believe that the Copenhagen process itself is flawed that we need to bring involvement in if we need socially just change.” 

Andy Morris from Kent, 40, marched on London street, carrying backpack revealing a toy orangutan. He explained, “Animals have no where to live, we need to stop tree-cutting right away.”

Similar rallies were hold same day in Belfast, Glasgow and Dublin. It is said to be the biggest demonstration on climate so far in UK.

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